Tofu maker for home use

Tofu maker for business use


Tofu maker for business use STM-300

Advantages of tofu (soybean milk) maker for business use

  • Very simple design: Anyone regardless of gender and age can make after having just 1-hour training
    – It takes about 15 minutes to make soft soybean milk (soymilk) at 70℃ and about 30 minutes basically
  • Production capacity: 1.6kg of powder can make 30 cakes of 300g tofu
    – Make 300g of soft tofu (30 cakes) with non-compression
  • Various products: Whole tofu / nutritional tofu / soft tofu / soymilk for bean-soup noodles / functional tofu
  • Lowest price in Korea: About 1/3 of the price from competitors
  • Easy installation: Can be installed anywhere with space of 0.3 pyeong, electric power of 220v and single-phase tap water
  • Eco-friendly: No waste water and residues and no loss of bean nutrients

Economic superiorly of Youmeone tofu maker for business use.

The only One-Stop-Service related to tofu

  • The only company in Korea that produces fluid flow grinder and tofu maker with domestic technology.

Possess Full-Line-Up for tofu maker

  • Possess manufacturing technology for various tofu makers, small-scale factories / shops / portable (for business, for restaurants) / for home use
  • Possess manufacturing solutions for various functional tofu and soybean milk

Stably supply highest quality soybean powder

  • Able to supply the highest quality soybean powder stably by having fluid flow grinder
  • It is ground by fuselage friction method under less than 30℃, no thermal denaturation and destruction of soybean nutrients
  • With ultra-fine grinding (30㎛), it can make the highest quality soybean powder in Korea that provides nutty and soft texture

Continuous R&D

  • Continuous R&D through technology research institute
  • Self-develop every type of tofu maker and fluid flow grinder (small and medium)
  • Development and commercialization of various food products using powder

Business model for powder type soybean milk and tofu

Fluid flow grinder 2nd profit model, profit from powder sales
→ Permanent profit
1st profit model, profit from machine sales
→ Temporary profit
Main demanders

Soybean powder
・Small-scale restaurants
・Residents in foreign countries
・Housewives / silver generation

Functional powder
・Golf club house (contracted with Samsun Well Story)
・Large-scale restaurants (For cooking)
・Side-dish stores
・Tofu restaurants
・3 golf courses
・20 business operators

Double profit model with profits from tofu machine sales (1st temporary profit)
and profits from powder sales (2nd permanent profit)

Core technology
Tofu (soybean milk) manufacturing technology using soybean powder