Tofu maker for home use

Tofu maker for business use


DOOBOORO HTM-100A Tofu maker for home use

Doobooro, a powder type tofu maker for home use that can make tofu and soybean milk easily and quickly in just 5 minutes!
Doobooro, a tofu maker for home use is a machine of the only company that owns total-solution for powder-type whole tofu manufacturing. The company developed fluid flow grinder that can grind materials with 800mesh of average particle size for the first time in Korea and succeeded in commercializing for the first time in the world.
It is an eco-friendly product that doesn’t generate food garbage and waste water and can absorb nutrients 100%. It also doesn’t have any loss of water-soluble vitamin and fiber. Customers can intake 100% nutrients of soybean.

Main features of tofu maker for home use (DOOBOORO HTM-100A)

  • Make soybean milk in shortest time: Minimum 5 minutes (hot water of purifier) – Maximum 9 minutes (cold water of purifier)
  • Simplicity of use: Able to use by selecting function with touch button
  • Make high-quality soybean milk: Make nutty and soft soybean milk by using hyperfine powder
  • Intake 100% soy bean nutrients: It is manufactured with no compression by using soybean powder, so there is no loss of water-soluble vitamin and fibers.
  • High production efficiency: 150g of powder can make 900g of tofu (6 times the amount of powder input)
  • Eco-friendly machine: No environmental pollution as it doesn’t generate any waste water or residue

Multi-purpose home appliance with various features

Powder soybean milk and tofu, powder soft tofu and general tofu

Tofu and soft tofu using raw beans

Make various types of porridge: General porridge, soft porridge, soup, etc.

Boiling water for coffee and tea

Mixer function

Washing function

Business model for powder type soybean milk and tofu

Fluid flow grinder 2nd profit model, profit from powder sales
→ Permanent profit
1st profit model, profit from machine sales
→ Temporary profit
Main demanders

Soybean powder
・Small-scale restaurants
・Residents in foreign countries
・Housewives / silver generation

Functional powder
・Golf club house (contracted with Samsun Well Story)
・Large-scale restaurants (For cooking)
・Side-dish stores
・Tofu restaurants
・3 golf courses
・20 business operators

Double profit model with profits from tofu machine sales (1st temporary profit)
and profits from powder sales (2nd permanent profit)

Core technology
Tofu (soybean milk) manufacturing technology using soybean powder