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Nutrition Powder Soybean Porridge

Nutritious Powder Soymilk porridge

A nutritious soymilk porridge made with selected natural ingredients from the royal palace.

How to drink

Add water up to the container mark and stir to mix the contents with the spoon.

Take slowly by adjusting the amount of water according to your preference.

Soy Milk Porrdige of Nourishing powder

A simple meal with only natural flavor and nutrients!

Nutritious powder Soymilk porridge features

  • Characteristics.01

    A soft texture with various grains

  • Characteristics.02

    Ultra fine grinding without loss of nutrients with the whole nutrients

  • Characteristics.03

    Rich in nutrients made from a variety of healthy grains

  • Characteristics.04

    Convenient and handy for one meal that you can eat it easily if you have water!

Soymilk porridge of Nutritious powder

The processing method EG-3030 is pulverized to less than 30㎛ below 30℃, so it can be pulverized into ultra fine powder without nutrient loss due to heat denaturation.


Green beans


Brown rice

Black sesame



Black beans



Nutrition Powder Soybean Porridge

Recommended for these people!

Busy office workers, student breakfast

Busy office workers, student breakfast

Child nutrition snack

Elerly healthy food

Patient nutrition food

Baby food