Project Description


Tofu maker for home use

Tofu maker for business use


Natural powder seasonings

Use of product

  • Substitution of chemical seasonings
  • Nutritional supplements

Agricultural product natural powder seasoning

Garlic powder

Ginger powder

Onion powder

Shiitake powder

Lotus root powder

Burdock powder

Lotus leaf powder

Three powder

Seafood natural powder seasoning

Shrimp powder

Anchovy powder

Kelp powder

Mussel powder

Specialty crop natural powder seasoning

Ginseng powder

Red ginseng powder

Deodeok powder

Bellflower powder

Product characteristics

  • Characteristic 1

    Natural powder with the highest quality in Korea (Average particle size 600mesh)

  • Characteristic 2

    Use 100% domestic raw materials only

  • Characteristic 3

    Eco-friendly products > Zero generation of garbage

  • Characteristic 4

    Resource saving > Use about 20~30% of raw material can have same effect

  • Characteristic 5

    •Intake 100% of taste and nutrients of raw materials > Ground by EG-3030 method