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Granola Powder Soymilk

・Healthy meal meal substitute

Healthy Snack Meal ReplacementGranola Powder Soy Milk is a nutritious product that is full of health by eating granola in powdered soy milk made by finely powdering various grains such as soybeans, black beans, brown rice, barley, and yulmu.

How to drink

Put soymilk powdered tea in 100ml of cold and hot water, stir well, add granola, and enjoy with a built-in spoon.

flavor. I thought of simplicity and health.

For simplicity and good health, Granola Powder Soy Milk uses only healthy ingredients. Try healthy and easy with Granola Soy Milk Powder Tea. It’s a great meal for both young and old because it has all the essential nutrients.

Features of Granola Powder Soymilk

  • Sweet and sour texture of powdered soymilk

    Please feel the lightness of soymilk instead of powdered soy milk.

  • Easy meal

    You can have water at any time in a convenient place.

  • Nutritional Loss ZERO

    Nutritional loss ZERO Eat whole nutrients from raw materials with ultra-fine grinding without nutritional loss.

  • Rich nutrients

    Rich Nutrients Made with various grains that are good for the body, they are rich in nutrients.

  • 5 kinds added

    preservatives, sweeteners, colorings and flavorings are not used.

Using Nano Technology Processing

Granola Powder Soy Milk is absorbed into the body with minimal loss of nutrients.

We provide the raw ingredients of the savory meal.

Ingredients of Powdered Soymilk


Concentrated in white soy milk and frost isoflavones.

Brown rice

Contains large amounts of brown rice fiber, prevents constipation and prevents aging.


High barley protein content and high amount of essential amino acid.


Yulmu’s three major nutrients. Suppresses edema by the ino effect.

Granola Powder Soymilk

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Children nutrition

Children’s Nutrition Who wants healthy, nutritious snacks for our children.


If you want a balanced diet and low-calorie diet.

Elderly healthy food

If you are looking for a simple, nutritious snack for seniors.

A firm meal

If you are looking for a simple but secure meal on a busy morning that will help you to eat.