Company History


03 Selected as support product for first export (Korea SMEs and Startups Agency)
02 Selected as business operator for 2019 Overseas Branching Project (Taipei, Taiwan)
01 Membership of Korea International Trade Association (No. 10012208)


12 Application of trademark
SOYWELLPIA No. 40-2018-0183749 –2018.12.31
DONGSAN POWTECH No. 40-2018-0183827 –2018.12.31
SOYNOLLA No. 40-2018-0183923 –2018.12.31
11 Signed transfer contract of patent technology
Patent on powder soy milk manufacturing machine (No. 10-1569900)
Design registration of tofu manufacturing machine (No. 30-0802000)
Patent on natural seasoning using hyperfine powder (No. 10-1833993)
11 Selected as the 4th business operator for overseas branching project (Entry stage)
08 Changed the address Moved to New Material Industrialization Support Center, Jeonnam Techno Park (#203, 50 Yulchonsandan 1-ro, Haeryong-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do)
07 Changed the company name Established Dongsan Powtech Co., Ltd. (CEO Ju Seong-nam)


09 Established P&BIO Co., Ltd. (CEO Ju Seong-nam, Capital KRW 100 million)